Monday, 31 March 2014

My Soap & Glory Collection and Reviews ♡♡

Hi I hope your Monday is not too bad 

I always include Soap & Glory products in my blog posts to do with skincare and shower routines so I thought why not share with you my collection & my thoughts on each item.

So here we go.....

Peaches & Clean 3 in 1 wash off deep purifying cleanser

I love this cleanser!! It leaves my skin feeling super soft without feeling tight. It cleans your face thoroughly. I used to use this after a long day of wearing make-up, but then I re-organised my storage & forgot about it, but not to worry I have re-kindled my love for this product ♡  It melts away make-up even tough eye make-up. It is full of anti-oxidants & vitamins due to been packed with Peach & Goji berry extract. You can imagine how delicious this smells. I highly recommend this product!!

Hand Food (Hand cream)

Absolutely adore this hand cream. Use it everyday. It contains shea butter, macadamia oil & marshmallow. It is non greasy & extremely hydrating. It gives results instantly. If you are looking for a hand cream that does what it's suppose to, then hand food is for you!!

Heel Genuis (Foot cream)

I recommend this for everyone who has dry skin on their feet (euwhh)!! It contains macadamia oil,menthol,bilberry, orange & lemon. I apply a genrous amount to make feet, massage it in & then put on some socks to let the cream do it magic. It is better than any pedicure at a fraction of the price!

The Righteous Butter

This is an okay moisturiser. I found it quite greasy and for my dry skin, it didn't make much of a difference. Although, this would be great to apply before fake tan or just as a light moisturiser. It has the original pink scent that some of the Soap & Glory products have. Wouldn't recommend if you are in need of an intensive moisturiser.

Smooch Operator Lip Balm

Love this lip balm, it is so nourishing and slightly enhances your natural lip colour. It smells amazing, like coconut!!  It tastes good (lmao)! I suffer from dry, chapped lips & this works wonders! It contains wild mango butter which is protective & repairing, Argan oil which helps soften, strengthen, moisturise & protect, Vitamin C oil for long lasting moisture & anti-inflammatory properties, and sweet almond, Rose hip & shea butter.

'Mist you madly' Body fragrance

This smells amazing!!! Beautiful!! Feminine!! Subtle!! Not much else I can say to be honest, GO BUY IT!!!

'Glam-a-lot' Body Fragance

This is actually discontinued and I honestly do not know why, it has beautiful rich floral & musky scent. Please bring it back Soap & Glory!!

The rest of my collection has actually been reviewed on my blog before so I am going to just list them below and leave a link to blog post they are mentioned in :)

'You wont believe your eyes' eye cream
'Feel good factor' moisturiser
Face soap Clarity 3 in 1 daily detox face wash

'Clean on me' Shower cream
'Sugar crush' scrub
'Smoothie star' moisturising milk
'Girligo' Moisturising mist

Soap & Glory have actually changed their packaging since I have purchased these but all names are the same :)

Let me know what your favourite Soap & Glory product is and whether you liked this blog post!

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All That Shines - Megan xo

Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Shower Routine ♡ (Product Reviews) ♡

Good afternoon Girls (& maybe some boys) 

While I was having my lovely morning shower, I thought you guys may like to be let in on my in shower products & after shower products! & also a little review on some of the items used. I don't really ever have a bath so I like to use some yummy products in my shower to make it a little more luxurious.

So firstly I wash my hair & I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner. This duo is amazing and my go to hair products, it smells amazingly coconutty. Coconut is one of the most moisturising fruits out there & is known for its tropical, dreamy scent. Who wouldn't want this in there hair?! My hair was noticably softer after one wash & it adds beautiful shine to your hair. It is very gentle so NO build up which leaves you hair feeling weighed down. Would highly recommend this Shampoo & Conditioner for anyone who has dry or chemically treated hair or for anyone who loves a gorgeous smelly shampoo!!

Secondly I scrub my whole body with Soap & Glory Sugar crush Body scrub. This is my holy grail body scrub & I will never use another scrub again. It leaves my skin super soft & it's sweet lime smell leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean & fresh. I suffer with dry skin & this scrub is my saviour, it is gritty but not too harsh (it has just the right amount of scrub!!). Although this is quite expensive compared to other drugstore body scrubs but you get bang for your buck in the 300ml tub. I used up the last of mine this morning & will be re-purchasing. The packaging has the same theme as other Soap & Glory products, girly, retro, vintage & cute. This is a must have ladies!!

Thirdly I use my Gilette venus razor along with Gilette satin care gel for sensitive skin to shave. Not much to say about these products, I pick the Gilette razor as it glides over the skin and doesn't tug or cut the skin.

Finally in the shower I use, Soap & Glory Clean on me shower cream. I love Soap & Glory and I am a dedicated fan. This shower cream again has cute packaging and conviently has a pump so no more struggling with flicking the lids of shower gels. I must say this product takes a few pumps for it to lather up but once you have it on your skin, its worth the extra few pumps! This shower cream is very luxurious & creamy, and it contains a built in moisturiser which leaves my skin soft & dewy.

So I am all dried off and ready for my moisturiser, I use two different moisturisers for my body, one been Soap & Glory Smoothie star deep moisture body milk. I use this on my legs, my legs are super dry so needs a deep moisturising cream. This comes with a handy pump also and leaves my legs feeling fully moisturised & instantly nourished. It smells amazing, truely feels like I am covering myself in a milky smoothie. It contains softening shea butter, cocoa butter & coconut oil, and has an oats, yogurt & honey formula! How delicious?! But no you can't consume!!

Afterwards I use Soap & Glory Girligo moisturising mist on my upper body. This is super handy as comes in a body spray like packet so all you do is spritz this all over your arms & chest and rub in & your ready to go. It doesnt leave you skin feeling oily or greasy. It smells fresh & leaves a beautiful lingering smell throughout the day. Some of the scents I can get from it are musk, strawberry, peach & jasmine. Perfect!!

So thats my in & out shower routine & I hope you guys will go try some of these products. Bit of a routine formed in mine, Soap & glory appeared a lot, but that just shows how good their products are. If you would maybe like to see my Soap & Glory collection please just comment below. Thanks for reading....& make sure to follow my blog & check out my other social links 

All That Shines - Megan xo 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

**TAG** The Boyfriend Beauty test!

Good afternoon my lovely little readers 

So this morning as I had a warm cup of milky tea, I watched Shaaanxo new video on YouTube & decided to steal her TAG & test my boyfriend on all things beauty!

Here are the questions I asked him & in Italics is his answers 

1) Name as many make-up brands as you can in 30 seconds? MAC, L'oreal & No7.

2) Where is your 'waterline' ? Your eye!!

3) What colour lipstick would you commonly use for a 'pin-up' inspired make-up look? Red/Black.

4) What would you use these brushes for?


5) What are the 3 make-up products I personally couldn't live without? Foundation,concealer & eyeliner (although he means eyeshadow)

6) What is the first product I put on my face? Primer stuff!

7) Where is your 'Crease'? Side of mouth (Lol)

8) Where is your 'Outer V'? Side of your eye.

9) Where is your 'Browbone'? Under your eyebrow duh.

10) What haircare product should I use before straightening my hair? Conditioner!!!!

11) What would you use these 2 products for?

Priming eyes

12) Name as many makeup items as you can in 30 seconds? Eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, blush, eyebrow pencil, contour stuff, brushes.

I think Conor done really well in some of the questions, why don't you copy these questions & test your boyfriend on beauty. Let me know below how well or how bad they do!! 

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All That Shines - Megan x

Monday, 17 March 2014

Green Smokey eye & Bright pink lips ♡♡ Tutorial ♡♡

Have you seen my latest Youtube video yet?? I filmed a tutorial on this look!!

Since it is St. Patricks Day  today, I thought I would get into the spirit & sport a green eye look. I opted for a green smokey eye with a gold shimmer & went for a girly, crazy, bright pink lip! A girl has to stand out from the crowd 

Here is a link to my tutorial :

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Products I used in this video :

Foundation - MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 & Bourjous Healthy mix in Vanilla

Concealer - Maybelline Instant eye eraser concealer 

Bronzer - Bourjous delice de poudre

Blush - Blush by 3 in 'Lace'

Eyebrows - Sleek eyebrow pencil & spooly duo

Eyeshadow - Sleek 'Ultra matte v2 darks' palette & Sleek 'Storm' palette

Mascara - Urban decay super curl curling mascara

Eyeliner - Seventeen High Drama liquid eyeliner

Lipstick- Barry M #52

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Goodnight sweets...
All That Shines - Megan xo

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My first YouTube video!!!!

So YES!! I have took the leap from blogging to vlogging!

I remember in my first post I spoke of how daunting writing my first blog post was but now that I have got a bit more comfortable writing on my blog I thought I would challenge myself and take a step into the unknown.

I uploaded my first video on YouTube a few minutes ago and I swear I rustled this video together in a half hour haha, I was weirdly awkward and used my webcam to film on! Terrible....but none the less I uploaded and had a bit of fun claiming monkeys could achieve the hairstyles I show in the video. I really got to invest in a good camera and tri-pod. I am not really comfortable infront of the camera but to really do tutorials justice I had to start vlogging :) I will still be posting on this just as much too though!!

Has any of you had a bad YouTube experience? Have you guys any advice for me starting out on YouTube? Suggestions on cameras or video editing?

I would love to hear what you guys think :)

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AllThatShines - Megan

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Would you rather? Beauty edition TAG

Hello my beauty lovers :)

Today I am bringing you all a little beauty, would you rather? TAG! Most sundays I upload a TAG post :)

SO lets begin!!!

1. Would you rather lose all your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks & lipglosses OR lose all you eyeshadow palettes?  I would rather lose my palettes, because you can have a makeup look with mascara and eyeliner and your  lip products and look ok, but would look quite odd with just eyeshadows i think!!

2. Would you rather chop all of your hair off OR never be fit to cut your hair ever again? I would go with never been fit to cut my hair ever again, I love long hair :)

3. Would  you rather have a coral cheek OR a pink cheek? a coral cheek :)  I just prefer corals and oranges than pink blushes.

4. If you had £1000 to spend, would you buy clothes OR make-up? At the moment I would pick clothes as I am in need of a new wardrobe for spring/summer so make-up can wait :)

5. Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner OR eyeliner as lipstick? I would apply eyeliner as lipsticks because it would be a lot easier applied.

6. Would you rather only shop at MAC OR Sephora? Well since we haven't got a Sephora store in Ireland, I would have to pick MAC, but if it was online shopping I would pick Sephora :)

7. Would you rather only using one eye colour for the rest of your life OR one lip colour? Without a doubt I would choose to use the same lip colour for rest of my life because I love experimenting with different eye looks.

8. Would you rather wear summer clothes in winter OR winter clothes in summer? Prob pick to wear winter clothes in summer as Ireland rarely has a full summer of heat lol.

9. Would you rather never to be able to paint your nails again OR never be able to wear lipgloss? Never be able to wear lipgloss, hate lipgloss, all sticky and greasy looking!

10. Would you rather always having your nails dark colour OR always having them a bright colour? I would have them dark all the time, dark nail polishs are rich and elegant looking.

Hope you enjoyed this sunday TAG :) Leave your answers below to these questions, and FOLLOW MY BLOG!!! (if you want lol)

Have a good Sunday

All That Shines - Megan x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Super-Drug/Sleek Haul

Hello :)

Today I popped into Super-Drug and fed my addiction of make-up, I couldn't help myself. I have been wanting some of the stuff I got for a while now so today was the day!

I picked up a 'Real Techniques' Beauty blender sponge for applying liquid foundation. I have been wanting to try this for ages and have seen all my fave beauty guru's use these. Well MY GOD!!! Does my foundation go on flawlessly!!! Real Techniques must not be able to go wrong. I dampened the blender slightly first, which is optional, and just dapped some foundation on (MAC Studio fix mixed with some BB cream) and just dapped it firmly all over my skin. The shape of this blender is handy as it has a flat slanted end which is good for the bigger areas of the face, and a pointed end which  found great for applying concealer to my under eye. Love love love this product!!!

I then went to the 'Sleek' stand and was spoilt with choice!! I picked up two eyeshadow palettes, a blush palette and a simple eyebrow pencil. The palettes I bought was one named 'Storm' which is full of beautiful metallic shades which some of which reminded me of the 'Naked 3' palette by Urban Decay, and I also got the palette named 'Ultra Mattes v2 in Dark', these are beautiful, strong, pigmented shades. These are a bargain at £7.99 and the work just as good as some high end shadows. Below I have included some swatches of the eyeshadows.

No flash

'Ultra matte v2 Dark'

No Flash


As you can see these colours are very pigmented which is brilliant. Next I got a blush palette of 3 blushes. These are beautiful shades of coral and peach tones. This palette is called '', it has a matte orange shade, a shimmery peach which has gorgeous fleck of gold which really highlights your cheeks, and a matte coral/pink. These blushes are £9.99!!

Then the last thing is just a 'Sleek' eyebrow pencil in light :) I would highly recommend Sleek products, the are amazing quality at amazing value, I got three palettes, a beauty blender and an eyebrow pencil for £38. I thought this was great value.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of Sleek :)

All That Shines - Megan x